At Nexus Alpha LPS we don’t just build displays. Our systems were designed from the outset to be much more than that. We have developed a family of coherent, integrated components, optimised to deliver astonishing performance, much of it at the lowest power levels possible. We are confident it is best in class at showing transport information. But it can do so much more: our hardware includes sophisticated speech handling, and options include environmental monitoring and solar lighting. Modular hardware design ensures cost-effective shelter installations. And with our design capabilities (all engineering design, all electronic design, all software design and coding is carried out in-house by Nexus Alpha LPS) we not only have the skills and the toolkit, we are also up for the challenge of developing whatever you want

So whether you want an off-the-shelf design, something modified to requirements or a complete new system, please contact us to find out how we can assist.

A: Unit 8, Rochester Trade Park, Maidstone Rd, Chatham, Rochester ME1 3QY

Nexus Alpha

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Nexus Alpha LPS

Patrick McDougall


Nexus Alpha LPS

Graeme Horrocks

Production Manager

Nexus Alpha LPS

Chris Allen

Design Manager

Nexus Alpha LPS

Russell Sangha

Engineering Support Manager

Nexus Alpha LPS

Martin Davies

Senior Technician

Nexus Alpha LPS

Ben Short

Software Developer

Ryan Baldwin

Software Developer

Alastair Woodgate

Head of Design & Marketing